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Body Cleansing: Are there Really “Stones” in my Gallbladder?

October 26, 2011

Why are we told that fat soluble toxins are so hard to get out of the body once they get in, and what are fat soluble toxins anyway?

There is a major study started by the government in 1972 to look at chemicals that get trapped in fat tissue in the human body. Tissue samples were taken from cadavers and elective surgery and analyzed to see which if any chemicals they contained. The results were quite surprising: 5 of the chemicals that are classified as the most toxic were found in 100% of the thousands of samples looked at, and 9 of the chemicals tested for were found in 91-98% of all tissue samples tested! Some of these chemicals include: OCDD or octachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin, styrene, 1,4- dichlorobenzene, xylene, and ethylphenol—toxic chemicals from industrial pollution that damage the liver, nervous systen, lungs, and  heart. All of these chemicals are fat soluble, meaning that they bind strongly to fat tissue, and are not easily excreted from the body in the urine or the stool, which are both able to rid the body of water soluble toxins, not fat soluble toxins. So how do these toxins get “stuck” in the body, and what can you do to get them out?

Body Cleansing: Rejuvenate!

Our bodies are designed to recycle and keep fats in the body. We have all heard of a liver cleanse and a gallbladder cleanse. These are important because  the liver and gallbladder use bile acids to digest the fats that we eat in our diet. Of these bile acids, 98% are recycled and reabsorbed by the body. Because these bile acids bind to fats, this is where fat soluble toxins get trapped, and they are reabsorbed by the body with the bile acids and therefore not excreted. These toxins then get tucked away in the fat tissues, organs, and bones in the body as the body tries to get them out of circulation to protect itself from the damage they cause when they are freely floating in the system. Thus, your body can store these toxins for years unless you take steps to get them out!

Many people report that when they do a gallbladder cleanse (a popular one being only drinking apple juice for a day or two and then drinking a somewhat large quantity of olive oil) they pass little green “stones” that they believe were sitting in their gallbladder. These little green balls are not stones at all but are in fact little clumps of bile acids. They take the shape of stones because they are fat that is now sitting in water. It is much the same thing that you see when you pour a small amount of olive oil in water- the oil sticks together and forms droplets since it does not dissolve in the water. So what does this mean for you?

On one hand it is good that the body releases these bile acids, and with them some of the toxins that are currently circulating in the system. However, this type of cleanse does not do anything to release the toxins that have accumulated over the years and are stored in the fat tissues, body organs, and bones. To release these toxins, you must consider doing a total body detox, also known as total body cleansing. This is a much deeper cleanse that often includes soluble and insoluble fiber, vitamins and minerals that are needed to make these fat soluble toxins water soluble and thus able to leave the body through the urine and stool, and a botanical (herbal) combination that research shows is able to protect the detox organs such as the liver, gallbladder, and the kidneys from the toxins that are now being pulled out of storage and circulating in the system once again. True body cleansing also includes eating a clean diet high in fiber, vegetables, plenty of water to flush everything out, and avoiding sugar, simple carbs, and processed packaged foods. You have one resilient body, but sometimes a good spring cleaning can be just the thing to increase energy, improve digestion, decrease pain, calm allergies, clear up skin conditions, and help you think clearly once again. Consider freeing yourself of toxins. There is no doubt they are in there, waiting to come out!

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